Chiang Mai See the most beautiful nature

Chiang Mai See the most beautiful nature los angeles to bangkok Missing Chiang Mai in every winter. How many times have you been there, it never bored? Because there are many tourist attractions. If you have been there many times and do not know where to travel, let’s see the new travel style with 10 activities in Chiang Mai which we will take to change your perspective of tourism. Just follow me.

1. Pong Yang Adventure Park
Chiang Mai is a province with many tourist attractions such as natural scenery and adventures. If you have visited many national parks or mountains, we will recommend you travel in another adventure style. Pong Yang Jungle Coaster & Zipline are two famous items including Jungle Coaster is a roller coaster and Jungle De Café.

2. Khum Khantoke
The Lanna cultural attraction. Experience Lanna dining with “Khantoke” or “Toke”, a round rattan tray, serving various kinds of authentic northern Thai dishes and national Thai food with a traditional Lanna atmosphere of clothing, language, and performances such as Thai Nail Dance, 4 Tribes Dance. It is presented under an exquisite and enchanted applied Lanna architecture.

3. Zipline Flight of the Gibbon
If talking about adventure, you will think about this place. Flight of the Gibbon is the #1 Zipline tour operator in Thailand. It is located amidst a tropical rain forest in the village of Mae Kampong. You will close to nature by ziplining for 5 kilometers, 33 stations rappelling, 2 skybridges, and the highlight is a single sling of more than 800 meters that the longest in Asia.

4. Phoenix Adventure Park
Another adventure-themed activity with adventures on trees in a new dimension. It has 48 new activities different from general Zipline on a green area over 15 rai in the foothills of Mae Rim District. Also, get close to nature, both large trees, gardens, and waterfalls, as well as many fun activities.

5. Grand Canyon Water Park
A large water park on the area of the old limestone quarries of more than 30 rai, with a depth of almost 20 meters, which looks like an emerald green basin and cliffs resembling the Grand Canyon oversea. It is the Grand Canyon Water Park, Hang Dong, the natural tourist attractions with a variety of games such as Inflatable Floating Water Park, Zipline above the basin of Grand Canyon, playing a slider or kayaking. Appreciate the atmosphere around the Grand Canyon, Hang Dong. It will be an unbelievable experience in Chiang Mai as well.

6. ATV and Buggy Driving Activities
Exploring the X-treme mountain range with buggy off-road driving along the Mae Rim district off-road trails. There are the winding paths, the sharp bend, and the water basin that is ready to test your driving ability. If anyone thinks they are super skilled, come to try and challenge yourself.

7. Kayaking along Mae Ping River
Mae Ping River, the river that feeds Chiang Mai from the past to the present. You will experience the villager’s way of life and enjoy nature along both sides of the river. Travel and relax at the same time with kayaking along Mae Ping River, the best atmosphere in Chiang Mai. You will fall in love with Chiang Mai from a different perspective.

8. Trekking in Chiang Mai
Go to see the elephant closely, elephant trekking, and mountain trekking in the adventure style of folkways. You will experience the way of life of the elephants and the mahouts that are already together as well as the intelligence of the elephants from the elephant show. Moreover, you will experience nature by elephant trekking to the mountain as well.

9. Bungy Jumping
Let’s get to know another place of challenge, a good Bungy Jump with the standard and safest in Thailand. Who is brave enough, let’s try this new experience at X Center Chiangmai. This Bungy Jump is safe with international standards and offers a height of more than 50 meters, and they will be issued a certificate of courage as well.

10. Take a Giant Balloon to see the Chiang Mai city view
Open to new experiences in a challenging adventure style in the sky above the city of Chiang Mai with a Giant Hot Air Balloon. It starts at ThongKwao Airfield on Doi Saket and climb to 2,000 meters in the sky. You will see the atmosphere and 360-degree panoramic view from a bird’s eyes view, breathe fresh air, over the clouds, and birds flying. Your trips in Chiang Mai will be better than before with a new experience of traveling with a view from a balloon in the air like this.